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Blog Post | Jan 3rd, 2020

January's Pest of the Month: Fleas

Let's talk about fleas. These little buggers can cause a lot of harm to both animals and humans.

Fleas can easily jump from your pet onto carpets and other soft surfaces, causing a huge problem for both the four-legged and human members of your family. Even if you don't have pets, there are areas in Louisiana that have flea infestations and these pests can, unfortunately, take up residence in your pet-free home.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure
The best strategy is to keep them from entering your house in the first place. Regular pest control services can help to stop fleas from becoming a problem. Another important step is to keep your pet protected. Talk to your vet about the most effective prevention methods for your furry friend.

Fleas carry disease and can cause infection
Fleas can cause a lot more problems than a simple annoyance and can become harmful to your health as well as your pet's. Flea bites can get infected, and fleas can burrow their eggs deep into your pet's fur and skin leading to serious complications. Because of this, a problem with fleas is an issue that must be dealt with quickly.

Act quickly to prevent a serious flea infestation
Fleas multiply quickly and are able to survive longer than you may expect. If you start to see a problem, it's important to act quickly! Don't let them get too comfortable and start multiplying and make the situation worse. Your vet can help you protect your family pet, and the team at Bayou Cajun can make sure that any flea problem is dealt with quickly and effectively.

The team at Bayou Cajun is here to help you eradicate any flea or other pest problem that you may have. Call us today for all of your pest control needs!