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Blog Post | Nov 4th, 2019

November's Pest of the Month: Flies

There’s nothing more irritating than a buzzing fly. They seem like they’re always hovering around and landing on you, or worse, your food. Yet just when you go to swat them, they disappear.

To fight the enemy, you should know the enemy. So here’s some information on houseflies you may not already know.

House Fly Facts
You’re probably all too familiar with the common housefly. But did you know they can live for up to 60 days? They also fly 5 miles an hour, making them hard to catch. Flies also have a pretty keen sense of smell, helping them locate food and the sugary substances they love, which is why they always seem to be drawn to your meal or beverages.

They don’t have teeth or the ability to chew food, which is why you see them lingering on your snacks; they’re spitting out digestive juices, so they can liquefy and swallow solids. Pretty gross, right?

Where do they come from?
Flies have been around humans from the beginning because we’re a great source for what they feed on. They are drawn to our garbage as well as our food.

Why You Really Don’t Want Them in Your Home
House flies aren’t just annoying; they’re pretty hazardous to you and your family’s health. Not only do flies spit digestive fluid but they also excrete waste every few minutes. This is how they spread disease. Flies are carriers of gangrene, dysentery, and even the plague.

How to Get Rid of Those Buzzing Pests
The best first step is prevention. Fly proof your doors, windows, and any vents. Keep food off the counter and keep all surfaces clean. Getting a garbage can with a lid is a good choice too. Most fly problems can be controlled with these preventative steps or simple solutions such as fly strips. If you’ve done all this, you should notice fewer flies.

If you’ve taken these measures and still find flies in your house, they may be coming from an unknown source in or near your home. If this is the case, make a call to your pest control expert to schedule an inspection today and say bye to those flies for good.