What is a Pest?

What is a Pest? - Pests

A pest is generally known as an animal that can cause nuisance or disease, or be detrimental to human concerns. In a broad sense, pests are competitors of humans for resources such as food or habitat. Pests that fall into this category that we can help with include: termites, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, bees, wasps, roaches, fleas, and rodents.

While many people find pests to be scary or disgusting in their appearance, the most important aspect of our pest control efforts is protection. Our primary objective is to keep your family and pets safe from the health issues associated with these dangerous pests.

Mosquitoes, mice and rats are well-known carriers of diseases. Termites can cause massive structural damage to a home, garage or shed. Certain ants and spiders can deliver bites that can cause serious and sometimes fatal reactions.

With locations in Baton Rouge and across Southeast Louisiana, our pest control team can reach you quickly to eliminate the problem before it worsens. We offer free home evaluations and quick, effective service.

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