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4 Useful Ways to Keep Roaches Away

Cockroaches are some of the most dangerous pests that can infest any home. They are known to spread all sorts of disease-causing bacteria, including salmonella. They can also cause allergy and asthma attacks to people who are sensitive to them.

Having a clear plan on how to deal with a roach infestation in your home is vital. Here are 4 handy tips to help you keep roaches out of your home for good.

Keep your home clean

Cockroaches thrive in dirty and messy places. If you keep your home clean, you’ll have a head start in controlling a cockroach infestation in your home.

Remember to clean all the spots roaches like hiding in, such as under tables, inside cabinets, and dark closets. Also, make sure all the food in your home is covered and stored properly.

Use roach bait stations

Store-bought bait stations can help reduce the number of roaches you are seeing in your home. Make sure these are strategically placed in areas where roaches like to hide, such as dark closets and damp places. Although effective, roach baits can leave dead roaches lying around your home.

Seal out all the cracks and crevices

Controlling roaches in your home is easier when small holes and gaps are sealed. These sneaky little creatures have the ability to hide in all kinds of cracks and crevices in your house, so make sure they're all sealed tightly. In addition, make sure you fix all the water leaks in your home.

Hire a professional pest control company

If getting rid of roaches in your home proves too difficult, consider engaging the services of a reputable and experienced company such as Bayou Cajun Pest Control to eliminate these pests from your Baton Rouge home.

Get in touch with us if roaches are wreaking havoc in your home and threatening your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.