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Ants can really take the cake when it comes to annoying pest control problems in Baton Rouge. Even the smallest bit of food left in the corner of a home is enough to get a few scouts sending signals back to their nest that they’ve found a new source of sustenance. Although it is possible to treat an ant infestation oneself, most means sold to eliminate ants in a home are only temporary. Also, there are a variety of ants out there, each with their own temperaments and skills for getting around poisons and into places where they’re not wanted. At Bayou Cajun Pest Control, we take care of any ant infestation near Baton Rouge by first determining which species of ant has invaded your sanctuary. After diagnosing the problem, we’ll treat both your home and property to make sure that your ant infestation is eliminated professionally. 

The Importance of Ant Control Around Baton Rouge

Getting rid of ants starts with advanced control of the problem before it begins. When you start seeing even a few ants in places where you shouldn’t, it’s time to call a local ant extermination service to nip the infestation in the bud. 

Some people wonder if ants can spread diseases. Thankfully, ants don’t infect people with diseases when biting or stinging, but they can certainly spread pathogens that already exist around with them wherever they walk. For example, ants can carry Salmonella along with other bacteria that they pick up from bathrooms and the surrounding ground. 

Speaking of biting, if you’re wondering if all ants bite, the answer is yes. However, there are different ant species with different biting capabilities, and there are even some ant species that prefer to sting. For example, harvester and fire ant infestations near Baton Rouge leave victims with painful blisters, as these types of ants bite in order to get better leverage for stinging. Since these painful welts tend to last for a significant amount of time, it’s important that you hire a professional ant extermination service nearby to make sure you stay safe both inside and outside your home.

Signs of Ant Problems

A professional extermination service nearby will be able to tell quickly if you have an ant problem on your hands. However, there are multiple signs, some obvious and some less so, and you can note them yourself when looking into a possible ant infestation in Baton Rouge: 

1) Ants in the Home
Perhaps the most obvious sign of a problem is if you have ants showing up en masse in your home, there’s likely an ant infestation somewhere nearby consisting of at least one colony. Since colonies can be massive in size, often between thousands and hundreds of thousands of ants, the infestation can quickly spiral out of hand.

2) Ant Trails 
Any trails are small black stains on the ground that ants leave behind while they make their way around. Most likely you’ll find them along walls and baseboards leading from areas where you store food or where you and the family might eat meals. These are less commonly noted but highly evident of an ant infestation. 

3) Anthills Nearby
Although most people don’t venture into the nooks and crannies of their properties looking for anthills, they’re still present. Not just the basic mound in the middle of the yard, anthills are frequently hidden from sight and the effects of Mother Nature. Homes make tempting refuges for ant colonies, making their relocation into where you live an easy choice when possible and food’s available. 

Proactive Ways to Prevent Ant Infestations Around Baton Rouge

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of ant poison, so knowing how best to prevent a local ant infestation starts with grasping the following: 

  • pick up food, including crumbs, especially inside the home
  • sweep or vacuum thoroughly after cooking
  • mop floors of any sticky spills
  • clean jars and storage containers before putting them away
  • hire a professional ant removal company nearby to inspect your property for infestations

The Best Ant Removal Service in Louisiana

Don’t share with invasive ants the food your hard-earned money bought or tolerate their biting, stinging presence. Protect yourself and those you care about by hiring Bayou Cajun Pest Control, the premier ant extermination service around Baton Rouge and beyond. We’re ready to tackle your ant infestation professionally with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today via phone or email to schedule a consultation! 

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