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Blog Post | Aug 21st, 2019

Ants, Ants, & More Ants

Ants become more active as the weather warms up, so you’re more likely to see them in the spring or summer. Diligently cleaning up food spills and other such messes can reduce the likelihood of ants invading your home, but even a spotless house often can’t avoid these social invaders. When one ant finds food in your house, they emit a special scent to invite the other ants in their colony to come in. Some species of ants even build their nests in your home, creating a huge family that intends to stay. While the occasional ant may not be a problem, an uninvited colony can pose a threat to your health and peace of mind.

What Kind of Ants Do I Have?
There is a huge variety of ant species, but some are more common than others. Some of the most common house-invading ants include:

Pavement Ant: Pavement ants are small, dark ants that eat almost anything they can find. They often crawl around on pavement, stones, and buildings. They crawl up walls to enter homes.

Carpenter Ant: Carpenter ants are large ants that build homes within the wood. Identifying carpenter ants in your home is often a sign you have damaged or rotting wood.

Odorous House Ant: These ants are small and either black or brown. They prefer living near moisture, so they’re often found in homes with leaks. Their name comes from a foul smell they emit when crushed. They have an affinity for sweet foods and are known to bite.

Fire Ant: Fire ants are red, biting ants. They typically live in the yard and are less likely to move into your home. However, these ants are known for their painful bite and aggression towards humans and pets.

Crazy Ant: If you see an ant erratically running around while foraging, it’s likely a crazy ant. These ants are small and come in several different colors. In addition to being known for their erratic movements, they have a reputation for destroying electronics. They’re prone to entering electronic devices and being electrocuted in the process, only to release a pheromone to their colony to let them know they’re at war. This can lead to your electronic devices being ganged up on by multiple ants.

Taking Care of Your Ant Problem
Keeping your home free of spilled food, crumbs, and open containers is one of the best ways to keep out ants. However, prevention can only do so much – if the ants have already made themselves at home, you must exterminate the whole colony. Many ants travel in a line, allowing you to identify the nest somewhat easily. When finding the colony poses a problem, or when the infestation is recurring, it’s time to contact a professional. Give our experienced exterminators at Bayou Cajun Pest Control a call at 225-261-4198 for a free consultation.