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Blog Post | Sep 18th, 2019

5 proven ways to keep pests out of your apartment

Apartments may seem like pest-free zones because there are no yards to provide safe havens for creepy creatures and their furry friends. But in reality, pests can be a major concern. With so many people living closely and numerous spaces in between, apartments can be the perfect dwellings for pests.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep these creatures away. Wondering how? Read on.

Store food in sealed containers

Food is the leading pest entices in your apartment, and the kitchen is the perfect area. Any food that isn’t sealed is a great meal for these creatures, so make sure you store any leftovers in sealed containers.
And don’t forget to clean any spills or drops. Those bread crumbs you often ignore are an alluring meal, so make sure you remove them immediately and wipe your countertops with vinegar.

Remove standing water

Apart from food, water is another critical factor that attracts pests, so make sure there is none for them to drink. Some insects, like roaches, wait for food for a while but must drink water regularly.
As such, make sure water doesn’t remain in sinks, showers, or tubs.
It is equally important to check pipes under the sinks and faucets for leakages. And if you find any, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Seal holes

After getting food and water, pests need a place to stay, and they often find an entry point. For example, they can spot holes around your windows, doors, and walls, so make sure they’re all sealed.
The good news is that you can get silicone caulk and a door sweep in your nearest hardware store. For larger holes, you can stuff with some steel wool.

Remove clutters

Pests also need a place to call home, so don’t provide one. They often prefer clutter, such as mail and clothing buildup, cool and dark spots. Therefore, make sure you remove any clutter. Once pests make a home, they multiply quickly.

Check your apartment regularly

In as much as you keep your apartment clean all the time, it’s important to conduct a regular inspection for pests. In your inspection, look for points of entry, sources of food and water, and your mattress for bed bugs.

A professional pest control specialist can provide great services in managing these creatures. If you require one, please contact Bayou Cajun Termite and Pest Control.