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Are fleas BUGing your cats & dogs?

Are you worried that your beloved Rover, Fluffy, or Buddy may have a few fleas? Unsure as to how to properly and effectively eliminate those itchy insects? Unfortunately, there's not a big window of time between the start of a few fleas and a potential flea infestation. Because female fleas can lay thousands of eggs each year and eggs only take a couple of days to hatch, infestations can occur within a few days of the first few fleas. If your pet is showing signs of fleas, it's important to act fast! The last thing that you want is for your treasured pet to develop a full-blown flea infestation.

Step 1:

The first step in eradicating fleas is to treat your pet with flea treatment and/or flea bath based on your veterinarian’s recommendations. Always check with your veterinarian to make sure you’re treating your pet properly. Following the incorrect advice could exacerbate your pet's discomfort.

Step 2:

Determine whether fleas have infested your home. How do you know? The following are signs that your home may have an infestation: if your pets do not show any improvement after a flea treatment or flea bath; if you notice any strange bites on you or your family (they look like small red bumps, often in a cluster); if you see fleas in your home; if you see flea eggs; if you notice flea feces (these look like coarse ground black pepper). If you spot any of the above, be sure to immediately contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control for an inspection!

Step 3:

Continue to treat your pets per your veterinarian’s instructions and follow the advice you receive from your pest control specialist. It's vital that you are proactive and vigilant about taking this last step in order to ensure that the fleas are properly and effectively eradicated.

Bayou Cajun Pest is here to make sure that you and your entire family is safe from the peskiest pests. Call Bayou Cajun Pest for your pest control needs.