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Flea Control: FLEAse, Help Me!

Finding fleas in your home sparks a rollercoaster of emotions. First, there's the shock, then there's disbelief, followed rapidly by disgust and outright panic. If you're unlucky enough to be bitten, the itching comes next--probably a deal-breaker.

Make no mistake about it - if you have fleas, you need professional extermination services. The little buggers multiply like crazy and manage to make their way to all corners of your house as if they can fly (they can't). A single female flea can lay dozens of eggs in a single day, and with their Olympic-worthy jumping ability, you'll be hosting fully grown fleas and experiencing sleepless nights before you know it.

Professional treatment can halt the flea lifecycle and save you from hosting your very own flea circus, but there's work for you to do as well. To ensure that your flea invaders swiftly leave and do not return, take the following action:

Treat Your Pet
Use a flea comb to groom your pet, dropping fleas into soapy water to destroy them. Then, contact your veterinarian to determine the best flea treatment, which may include specially formulated drips, baths or medications that not only kill fleas that bite your dog but also disrupt their lifecycle.

Do the Laundry
As much as you'd like to believe the fleas have only visited your dog's bed, they're happy to cozy up to any warm body. Wash all of your family's bedding in hot water. Wash your pet's bedding in hot water as well, and for serious infestations, consider destroying and discarding your pet's bedding.

Vacuum Everything
Vacuum all of the carpets in your home, and pay special attention to corners and crevices. Your vacuum is a secret weapon for not only sucking up fleas but also killing them. Don't forget to vacuum under the bed and other furniture. In fact, if your vacuum can handle it, go ahead and vacuum your upholstered furniture as well. Do this often, throwing the vacuum bag away in an outdoor receptacle after each time you vacuum.

Contact the Experts!
Consider yourself your exterminator's partner in getting rid of fleas. By taking the above actions, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of professional flea treatment and ultimately your comfort at home.