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Blog Post | Feb 15th, 2019

How to Handle Springtime: Pest Control in Southern Louisiana

Springtime in Baton Rouge is just around the corner, and so are all kinds of pests that would love to make your house their new home. They are searching for food and moisture, and once they enter your home they can quickly reproduce and cause an infestation.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common pests that can present a problem during the spring months:

Termites are a serious threat in southern Louisiana and a costly pest for homeowners. Prevention is the best method of treatment and Bayou Cajun Pest Control can termite-proof your property with a barrier under and around your home which will keep termites in the ground where they belong.

Ants love crumbs, sticky food containers, and food stored in unsealed jars and bags. Prevention is important because once they're inside your home, ants can be difficult to get rid of. There are many different types of ants, with different effective methods of treatment.

If you see one roach in your home, chances are there are more. To prevent further multiplying, be sure to keep food and water in sealed containers, vacuum well, fix leaky faucets and block off any entry points. Garbage should be kept in well-sealed containers and taken out regularly.

Fleas can quickly infest your home in just a matter of days, and it’s important to treat your home, pets as well as your yard. If you experience a flea problem, contact us to begin pest control treatment immediately. All pets should be treated for fleas, carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly and all bedding should be washed in hot water.

Spring is a good time to check on the condition of your roof to be sure there are no leaks in need of repair. Also, as you begin your seasonal gardening, keeping mulch and landscaping away from the foundation of your home will help to reduce the chances of a pest infestation. If you do find yourself in need of pest control services in southern Louisiana this spring, don’t hesitate to contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control!