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Blog Post | Oct 10th, 2019

How to Prepare for Fall Pests

The hot summer is coming to a close to give way to the cooler fall. For many people, it’s time to get ready and prepare for pests that arrive with the colder weather, hoping for somewhere to hide from the elements. Insects such as ants, spiders, and cockroaches, and rodents such as rats and mice are some of the pests that come calling at our homes and places of work.

Pests can pose many problems to our health as well as our property, so it's important to prepare well before the damage is done. Here are some ideas for proofing your home against fall pests:

1. Inspect your Home Property
Go around your home from the fences to the garage and all sheds searching if there are ways the pests may get into your home. This means looking for loose loopholes in windows, walls and loose roofing tiles. Pests get into your home through an opening that leads to the outside of your house. Destroy all nests that pests could have made especially under the roof and near the bushes.

2. Cut Unwanted Vegetation and Clear the Yard
Do you have tall grass, branches leaves or any other type of vegetation around your home? Or piles of leaves up against your building or wood stacked against the side of the house, shed or garage? This can bring pests like rodents, insects or even wildlife closer to your home and certainly inside as most pest use vegetation to hide and may eventually end up getting inside. You can ask the garbage collectors to come to do the work for you since they are more experienced and usually have the right tools for the job.

3. Call Fall Pest Control Professionals
To be sure that your property is ready for fall, the best and professional way is to call people with advanced skills who help you make sure that your home is free from any possible entries. These professionals will make sure your home is safe and also give advice on what to do in case some pests get inside your home. Contact us today and get all the help you may need!