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Blog Post | Jul 11th, 2018

How to Treat Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are insects that can build their colonies in or around your home and become a nuisance. Getting rid of these pesky little creatures before they invade your home or sting someone is not always an easy task. You may even ask yourself, “Do I Need a Pest Control Company for Bees and Wasps?”

About Bees and Wasps

Bees that build their nests in trees and around homes, such as those that pollinate plants, are mostly calm in nature and harmless. Killing them or destroying their nest on your own may not be the best remedy, especially since honey bees, for example, provide honey and help fertilize the crops we depend on.

Wasps can build their nests in eaves, behind sidings, in the ground or attic. They are more aggressive than bees and can sting multiples times without being provoked. Even accidentally disturbing their nest can start a war between man and wasp.

Why You May Need a Pest Control Company

Because the nests of bees and wasps can be large and difficult to locate or remove, it may be best to have a pest control company take care of the problem.

Secondly, the sting of both bees and wasps can cause pain, swelling, a serious allergic reaction, or even death. The most important thing is to identify the type of bee (e.g. honey bee or bumble bee) or wasp, where the nest is located, and the best way to get rid of them without putting yourself or others in danger.

Expert Exterminators

Calling the experts at Bayou Cajun Pest Control can reduce your risk of harm. Our pest control specialists will determine the type of bee or wasp and create the best strategy to safely eliminate them based on an understanding of their behavior, physiology, and risks posed.

Bayou Cajun exterminators have over 40 years of experience treating bee and wasp infestations. They use the latest technology in termite and pest control and have the skills and equipment to eliminate these pests in the safest possible ways.