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Blog Post | Jun 21st, 2019

Midges: What are they?

Midges are tiny flying bugs. Wet areas provide a breeding ground for midges who lay their eggs on the water’s surface. The hatched larvae clean up the water they live in by consuming organic debris. While midges have some ecological benefits, they’re often considered a nuisance for homeowners.

Most people encounter midges when they’re in the water, but it’s common for midges to be blown into yards and near homes due to strong winds. They’re known to be attracted to artificial light and are said to have an affinity for white and blue bulbs.

The Difference Between Midges and Mosquitoes
Midges are often mistaken for mosquitoes due to similarities in their appearance. The most prominent difference in appearance can be found on their wings: mosquitoes have hairy-looking wings, while midge wings are smooth. Midges are also often found in swarms, as opposed to solitary mosquitoes.

Are Midges Dangerous?
There are both biting midges and non-biting midges. In fact, there are more than 500 species of midges throughout the world. While biting midges may cause bites, itching, and allergic reactions, they’re mostly harmless. There are no known diseases that can be transmitted from midges to humans. Non-biting midges are even less of a threat. These midges often eat nothing at all in adulthood, dying from starvation after just a few days.

Dealing with Midges
It’s recommended to keep outdoor lights off to keep from attracting midges. While they often don’t come to your home or yard with intent to stay, they swarm around fluorescent lights and may become a nuisance. Midges may also be attracted to moisture, so taking care of pools of rainwater may help.

Typically, once a swarm dies off, you’re free from its impact. Due to their short lifespans, this can happen in less than a week. However, if you’re having recurring midge invasions or cannot get a hold on your midge problem, it’s recommended to contact a professional, as there may be circumstances that keep bringing them back. Give the qualified experts at Bayou Cajun Pest Control a call at 225-261-4198 for a free consultation.

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