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Blog Post | Jun 18th, 2020

Pest of the Month: Beetles (June Bugs)

Cultivating a beautiful garden can be a challenge, but most people find it well worth the effort. One of the challenges gardeners face is pests and other unwanted creatures that can cause havoc with their plantings. Today we are going to talk about beetles or "June Bugs". This destructive pest can turn an otherwise gorgeous garden into a less than pretty sight!

While they aren't harmful to people, they will do a number on your landscaping. Typically, the interaction between people and these pests occurs at night as they fly toward lights, often running into unsuspecting folks trying to enjoy their patios and decks!

Signs that You May Have a June Bug Problem

These insects like to burrow underneath the grass and other plants and shrubbery. After they emerge from their larval state, typically in late spring and early summer, taking up residence in the roots beneath your grass.

Brown spots in your lawn is a sure sign that you have a June Bug problem. Adult bugs can also eat leaves, shrubs, and other plants, killing or damaging them in the process. June Bugs are fickle creatures, and while they may completely decimate your lawn one year, you may not even notice them the next!

These pests are easiest to deal with during their larval or "grub" phase. If you notice small rodents taking an interest in a certain area in the fall, it's likely that there's a grub infestation there. Dealing with the grubs in September is a sure way to avoid a full-on June Bug problem the following summer.

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