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Blog Post | Mar 5th, 2020

Pest of the Month: Flies

Several dozen types of flies exist in our region. Who can forget the swarm of millions of midge flies that invaded last year? Those flies mostly caused outdoor visibility problems but inside a home, flies cause far worse problems.

Common flies
Home and business owners in this area often have bad experiences with blow, cluster, drain, fruit and house flies. All of these flies are a nuisance when they buzz around inside a building. Beyond that irritation, these flies are dirty and contaminate surfaces, including bedding and food, with their excrement. Fruit flies, which are gnat-like with red eyes, reproduce quickly and damage and contaminate fruit and vegetables. Metallic-colored blowflies and non-shiny black house flies eat decaying matter and cause illness because of bacteria that live on them. Other harmful flies include deer, horse and yellow flies that painfully bite people and pets. Yellow flies can even cause allergic reactions.

Easy Entry
Many people believe that flies only enter a building through open windows and doors. Although flies do follow humans and pets into structures through open doors, they often find other ways into buildings. For example, fruit flies are often carried into a structure inside of shopping bags that hold produce. House flies often find their way into a building through gaps around windows and doors, air vent covers and any holes caused by other types of pests like rodents, termites and wood borers. They sometimes stay inside the walls, breed in high numbers and then find their way further inside. People can also carry flies indoors after having outdoor parties and dinners when they bring in food storage containers, dirty plates and towels and small bags of garbage.

The members of our team at Bayou Cajun are your South Louisiana fly extermination and prevention experts. We also teach our clients habits and measures that help them better block flies from their homes and offices. For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.