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Pest of the Month: Roaches

There are several types of roaches that live in southern Louisiana. In fact, you can find the American cockroach, German cockroach, the Smokybrown roach, and the Asian cockroach in the southern region of the state. One thing that many homeowners do not know is that roaches can be much more than a nuisance to homeowners. They can actually be harmful to your health.

The most important facts about the common types of roaches in the area
American cockroaches will use their wings to glide, but they generally do not fly. These roaches tend to have a head that contains both red and black. Smokybrown cockroaches have a body that has red areas, but their head is black. These roaches will often fly rather than simply gliding. German and Asian cockroaches can easily fly. They're a shade of tan, and their head is the same color as the body.

How do they get into your home?
Roaches can get into very small spaces, which means that they can infest nearly any home if they want to get in. Roaches will be drawn to homes where crumbs are left out in the kitchen or other areas of the home, but they can also be drawn to homes where there is paper or cardboard that has gotten wet. That's because these materials can feed roaches. In addition, roaches will be drawn to garbage that's left in the can.

In most cases, they will enter from the crawl space. Then, they will travel upwards into the walls and floor, which will allow them to enter your home easily if there is an opening. Luckily, Bayou Cajun's expert pest control team will be able to seal off areas that roaches could use as an entry point, which can keep them out of your home for good. Furthermore, we'll inspect your home and provide advice on how you can keep them out. Give us a call today to get your home inspected or learn more about our services.