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Blog Post | Mar 2nd, 2021

Pest Spotlight: Moths

Moths are unfortunately the type of pest that can cause damage to your belongings and household goods. There are two kinds of moths in our area that you need to be on the lookout for, wool moths and pantry moths. Wool moths feed on clothing fibers and can cause serious damage to your wardrobe! Pantry moths will infest areas where food is stored. If you find traces of either type, be sure to give Bayou Cajun a call right away!

Moth Prevention
No one wants bugs or pests of any type to take up residence in their home, and moths are no exception. Moths are typically off-white in color and have a wingspan of around three-eighths of an inch. Pantry moths are a bit smaller and can be a reddish-brown color with some gray coloring as well.

The first line of defense in protecting your home from a moth infestation is storage. Putting items made of soft fibers, such as clothing and linens, in properly secured plastic bins is an effective first step. The same holds true in the kitchen, put items that are enticing to moths, such as flour, and pet foods, in a secure storage tin. Reducing their food supply will go a long way to keep moths out of your home!

If you do find that you have a moth problem, don't wait to address the problem. Call in the professionals right away to eradicate the problem and prevent future damage to your belongings!

Do you have a moth problem at your home or business? Call Bayou Cajun today and let our pros take care of it!