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Blog Post | Sep 3rd, 2021

Pest Spotlight: Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are an unwelcome pest because they sting. Yes, they do have a lot in common with other stingers like wasps and hornets, but they do have a few unique qualities that are good to know and understand.

No one wants these insects in their homes, and having a nest in the areas you use in your yard can also cause problems. Serious gardeners find these insects useful, but only if their nest is in an area where people seldom go.

The most important thing to know about these insects is how fiercely they protect their territory. They tend to adopt a "live and let live" outlook until an unwelcome guest nears their home. This territorialism is why it's essential to call a pro if you find a yellow jacket nest in your home or yard. Don't try to approach a yellow jacket nest on your own, as they are sure to attack when they feel threatened!

Yellow jackets may be slow to anger, and sting, but their ability to sting multiple times makes them more dangerous than some other stinging pests. Additionally, their venom can cause further illness after a single bite. This means that anyone who has been stung by a yellow jacket, even once, can have a much more severe effect if they are bitten again.

There are some benefits to having yellow jackets in your garden, but it's vital that you avoid their nest area. These insects feed their larvae protein, making them an effective tool for combating common garden bugs and pests. They also help to pollinate flowers as they are attracted to nectar and fruit.

Don't make the mistake of leaving a yellow jacket nest where these territorial insects can cause harm to you and your family. Give the folks at Bayou Cajun a call today and we'll take care of the problem for you!