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Blog Post | Jul 24th, 2017

Roaches in Your Louisiana Home

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Unfortunately, roaches are a common pest problem for homeowners, renters, and business owners in Louisiana. Our warm, humid climate makes our area a perfect place for roaches to thrive in. Most people agree that roaches are creepy and disgusting, which is why most people request pest control treatments for roaches. However, there are much bigger reasons to call out a pest control specialist if you're noticing roaches in your space.

Roaches are a Health Hazard

It's understandable that people don't want roaches around because of their generally "creepy" nature. But, did you know that roaches are capable of causing health problems for humans? Roaches carry and spread diseases, as well as cause respiratory problems for some people. So, it's important to realize that roach extermination isn't just to rid your space of any unwanted pest. Roach control can prevent your health from suffering.

Diseases Carried by Roaches

As roaches aren't too picky about the surfaces they'll crawl across, they're prone to picking up bacteria and viruses which humans can easily contract. For example, roaches can spread salmonella, staph, strep, and even more serious illnesses such as polio. If a roach has come into contact with any of these bacterial or viral infections, it's possible for them to transmit the disease to you or your family.

Respiratory Issues Caused by Roaches

It is possible to experience negative respiratory effects from the presence of roaches. Roaches leave behind traces of their activity, such as droppings, saliva, wings, legs, and more. The physical debris, such as legs, wings, and other body parts, can cause allergies and respiratory discomfort. However, for people who are predisposed to asthma or respiratory problems, this can cause a bigger problem. For people who are more sensitive to roach droppings or the proteins in roach saliva, the presence of roaches can cause more serious asthma reactions.

Get Rid of Roaches!

Even though getting rid of roaches is sure to make you rest a little easier, it'll also help you and your family breathe a little easier. Don't risk catching a disease or illness from these dirty pests. Call Bayou Cajun Pest Control today to schedule your pest control treatment.