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Ways to Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks are frustrating little pests that are particularly common in humid environments. They can be found in both rural and urban areas and are particularly irritating to animals. If you have been struggling with ticks in your home and yard, there are some things you can do to get rid of them. Here are some steps to take to rid your environment of these frustrating pests.

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed: One of the best things to do to keep ticks away from your lawn is to keep it neat and trimmed. Keep your grass cut short, and cut down undergrowth on bushes and trees. You should also rake away leaves and other debris from your yard. When it rains, cluttered yards can stay very damp for a long time because they have minimal access to sunlight. This makes it a very attractive place for ticks to hide.

Keep Your Water System Maintained: If you have leaky faucets, pipes, or spigots, these small bits of water can attract ticks. To prevent this, make sure you do regular maintenance on the water system in your home. You can have a plumber come in regularly, or you can just learn basic maintenance yourself. You should also make sure to keep hoses turned off when you aren't using them and to clean your gutters after storms.

Lay Down Gravel: If you live close to a wooded area or an area that's thick with natural plant growth, you should place a layer of gravel, sand, or wood chips on the edge of your property. This is a very effective strategy for preventing ticks from migrating from the woods onto your property. It's important to make sure this is several feet wide for it to be truly effective.

Keep Trash Contained: If your outdoor trash cans are very messy, they could attract deer and other wildlife to your yard. Deer, in particular, are big carriers of ticks, and they could leave them in your yard. Make sure all your trash is secure.

Basic home and yard maintenance will help prevent pesky ticks from coming to your yard. Removing moisture and places for ticks to hide will help keep your home clean and pest-free.