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Blog Post | Jul 26th, 2019

What Just Bit Me??

It’s finally summer! Which means spending more time outside with bothersome insects. Some are harmful and some aren’t, but how can you tell the difference? Knowing the different characteristics of bites will help you determine if you need to treat the bite at home or seek medical care. Of course, prevention is key. Remember to avoid insects if at all possible, use a bug repellent, be mindful of the fragrances you wear since some attract insects, and wear protective clothing like hats and long pants or shirts with long sleeves. However, if you find yourself with an itchy red bump, keep reading to determine what just bit you.

1. Fleas
Symptoms usually appear within several hours and will look like a rash with small red bumps in groups of three or four. These bumps itch and could lead to an infection if you scratch them, so try to avoid this. Flea bites usually appear on your ankle and legs but can appear in other places too.

2. Ants
Ant bites can be painful and also leave itchy red bumps. The fire ant can actually sting and leave a pus-filled bump that will go away within eight days. Remember not to scratch to prevent infection.

3. Spiders
These bites can be serious depending on the type of spider that bit you. Most aren’t poisonous and only cause minor itching, swelling, and red skin. However, you could need emergency care.

  • A Black Widow’s bite will cause two small puncture wounds accompanied by pain and swelling within the hour. Medical attention is necessary since you can experience breathing problems, stomach and back pain, and muscle stiffness.
  • The Brown Recluse bite also requires immediate medical care. You may or may not feel a sting, but you will experience pain at the site and what looks like a bruise or blister within several hours. Then, it will turn dark and scab-like and can cause flu-like symptoms. If you're allergic, calling 911 is the best thing to do.

Remember to stay up to date on your tetanus shot since some spider bites can get infected.

For help keeping these critters at bay during summer and all year round, contact Bayou Cajun Termite & Pest Control.