Termites Are Destructive

Termites Are Destructive - Do Termites Bite?

There's no denying how destructive a termite colony can be. From minor, aesthetic damage to extreme, structural damage, termites can be an expensive pest to contend with. Their colonies are well-socialized and can grow quickly, meaning they'll set up a complex colony in your home's wood, depleting it as their colony grows and matures. They're capable of eating wood and other cellulose-based materials. We are often asked whether termites are capable of biting people, since they can eat through wood.

Can Termites Bite People?

Short answers:

  • YES, termites can bite or pinch people
  • Termites don't often bite or pinch people

Termites are attracted to wood and cellulose products. So, it's very rare that humans are ever bitten by termites. However, the good thing to be aware of is that termite bites are not believed to be dangerous. Despite the fact that a termite bite probably isn't dangerous, it is still a good idea to be careful if you're near or handling termites.

The Bigger Problem: Termites Destroy Wood

Even though termites rarely bite humans, they are constantly feasting on your home's wood. The structural integrity of your home can suffer if they are allowed to feast for too long. Don't risk letting termites cause too much damage before calling a qualified termite and pest control specialist. It's important to catch them as early as possible.

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