Certain species of ants can have a more painful sting, a more aggressive demeanor, or both: such as Red Imported Fire Ants. Obviously, no ant hills look good in your yard, but the mounds for the Red Imported Fire Ants can actually be detrimental to tree and plant roots, as well.

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Fire Ant Treatment in Baton Rouge

Fire ants are highly adaptable to a number of climates or conditions and build their nests primarily of soil or landscape areas. Many homes are susceptible to fire ants via the holes and cracks in the foundations or walls of the structure.

Not only are fire ants dangerous and painful, but they are unfortunately also very common in South Louisiana. But fear not, friends! This is what we do! We guarantee that our fire ant control will decrease the quantity of fire ants by at least 90%!

Our typical treatment for an infestation of fire ants is to broadcast granules of Talstar around your lawn area. Talstar is ideal for use in kid-friendly areas (parks, schoolyards) because it acts fast and has low application rates. Our treatment will take care of your problem for up to six months.

Not sure if it's fire ants?

Fire ants are typically pretty easy to recognize if they're the brighter or deeper red you're used to seeing. However, some fire ants may appear a bit more brown than red, making it easier to misdiagnose the type of ants you're dealing with. It's important to make sure fire ants are eradicated from your yard, as their bites are painful and it's possible for humans to be allergic to red ant venom. It may not be a big deal to receive one fire ant bite, but most people receive up to hundreds of bites, which could trigger a serious reaction in an allergic human. Red ants also pose a risk to pets. If a small to medium sized dog receives even just a couple dozen bites, they can become lethargic, dehydrated from becoming sick, and even go into shock. This can become a serious problem, very quickly!

Don't risk it. Call Bayou Cajun Pest Control to properly treat your ant problem!

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