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Blog Post | Oct 10th, 2017

Fall Pest Problems in Louisiana

orange leaves on tree in Autumn

Fall is a great time of year for Southeast Lousiana, with its milder temperatures. We begin to spend more time outside to enjoy the weather and the season. Not only is the weather nicer, but mosquitoes tend to be less of a problem too. Despite the improvement of mosquito problems, there are other pests that remain troublesome during Fall and cooler months.

Common Fall Pests

During Fall (especially into Winter), some pests will search for a warmer place to create nests. Some of the most common fall pests in our area include:

  • Rodents: rats, mice & squirrels (carriers of fleas, rabies, and other diseases)
  • Fleas (carried by rodents and other pests)
  • Raccoons and opossums (carriers of rabies)
  • Roaches (disease spreaders)

Pest Treatment Options

The best way to prevent problems from these common Fall pests is to seal entryways to your home, trim tree branches away from your roof, and repair external damage to your home. If you see signs of rodents or pests in your home, it's likely best to call a qualified pest control specialist to remove them, especially if it's a raccoon or possum you're dealing with. They can be very difficult to handle and improper handling can cause harm to you, your family, and your pets.

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