Mosquito Prevention and Control

Mosquito Control Baton Rouge

The cure for what bugs you!

From Shreveport to New Orleans, Lake Charles to Baton Rouge, people in Louisiana love spending time in the great outdoors. Being outdoors is what Louisiana life is all about!

But, as we all know, there is one pesky insect that always seems to ruin our time and send us running inside—the mosquito. Mosquitoes love crashing our outdoor parties, barbeques, hunting and fishing trips, and really any time we spend outside. Mosquito bites are not only annoying, but could be dangerous if the insect is carrying a disease.

With Bayou Cajun’s Mosquito Management program, you can reclaim your outdoor space. We offer several options for mosquito extermination and management, whether you want a one-time spray to prepare for an outdoor event, or monthly maintenance service to keep the mosquitoes away for good.

MistAway System

Home Mosquito Control Baton Rouge

The MistAway mosquito control system is an automatic misting mechanism that is installed right outside of your home. This technologically advanced system can be activated by the touch of a button, or set to automatically mist according to a preset timer. The materials misted into the air will kill mosquitoes on contact, reducing their population and keeping them away from your patio, deck, and yard.

We’ll help you get through mosquito season while still being able to enjoy your outdoor space. Give us a call, and we'll come to your home for a free site analysis. Then, we'll start designing your custom mosquito control plan.

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