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Blog Post | Feb 16th, 2018

Do Mosquitoes Die During Winter?

An unusually cold winter and numerous hard freezes have kept mosquitoes at bay, for the most part. However, East Baton Rouge (EBR) Mosquito Abatement and Rodent Control says they are already starting to see a small amount of mosquito activity throughout East Baton Rouge Parish. As we start pushing closer to Spring (and warmer temperatures), we will surely begin to see a quick increase in mosquito activity.

What Happens to Mosquitoes During Winter?

When cold weather arrives, most people expect to see fewer mosquitoes and ultimately enjoy a nearly mosquito-free few months. So, what exactly happens to Mosquitoes during Winter? It is a common misconception that all mosquitoes die when temperatures drop. In reality, different species of mosquitoes react to cooler temperatures in different ways. Once temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees, you will notice fewer mosquitoes. In Louisiana, most species of mosquitoes do not hibernate, and will instead lay their eggs prior to dying in fall or winter. These mosquito eggs will hatch once temperatures rise and our Spring rains begin to fall, and this is when you will start to notice an increase in mosquitoes throughout the area.

Preparing for the Return of Mosquitoes

As warmer weather draws near and mosquitoes become more bothersome, there are a few things you can do to prepare and enjoy your time outside.

  • Empty or drain any standing water in your yard. This will help to keep mosquito numbers down, as mosquitoes rely on standing water for reproduction.
  • Purchase bug spray with DEET and apply prior to spending time outside. If you are sensitive to DEET or any of the ingredients in popular bug sprays, there are some natural alternatives that may help.
  • Consider installing a mosquito spray system in your yard. Bayou Cajun Pest Control can install the MistAway System – learn more!

Contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control for Mosquito Control

Once weather warms up, you may find that mosquitoes are making it difficult to enjoy your own yard. Contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control to discuss your mosquito control needs!