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Blog Post | Jul 12th, 2018

The Most Common Pests in the Summertime

If you are looking forward to a pest-free summer, now is the time to give your local pest control firm a call to handle these pesky critters:

The hot and humid summer weather in Louisiana makes our area heaven for these annoying biters. Be careful when you are close to wooded and marshy areas as their bites can be annoying. If you are heading out for some fishing, don't forget to pack your insect repellent!

Bees and Wasps
These stingers should be eradicated from your eaves and other areas of the home where they commonly build their nests. Their stings are painful and their nests can cause damage to your home. If you see a wasp nest, be sure to get rid of it fast! Beehives can be removed, and a simple call to a local beekeepers organization will likely get someone out to move the hive right away.

These creepy crawlies can keep other small insects and bugs in check, but a home infested with spiders is never desirable! If you are noticing a lot more spiders in your home, it is time to call your local pest control provider.

Common household pests like ants can create larger problems behind the scenes. Carpenter ants can cause damage to the wood in your home, and pavement ants often create their homes near the foundation of structures which can cause unwanted problems.

If you are noticing more insects and pests around your home it can be attributable to the warmer weather. Times of heavy rains can also bring these pests out of the woodwork.