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WDIR - Wood Destroying Insect Report

Whether you're buying or selling a home, a real estate transaction is one of the largest transactions of your life. There are a lot of steps in the process and there are a number of things that could go "wrong" before you make it to the closing table. Most of the time, these hiccups can be avoided by doing your due diligence and staying prepared at every step of the way. One of the most useful preparations you can make is ensuring that the home you're buying or selling will have a wood destroying insect report (WDIR) available.

What is a WDIR?

A WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report) is the report that we provide after inspecting a home for wood-destroying insects. The report will indicate if there is a presence of any wood-destroying insects or if there was no sign of wood-destroying insects.

What does a WDIR look for?

When our qualified pest control technicians arrive to perform a WDIR inspection, we look for signs indicating that there are wood-destroying insects present on the property.

Some of the signs we look for are:

  • Insect carcasses or living insects
  • Debris from wood-destroying insect activity
  • Other visible signs of wood-destroying insects

Some of the insects we inspect for are:

WDIR for Buyers

Benefits of requesting a WDIR as a buyer:

  • Peace of mind that your new home doesn't have any active wood destroying insect colonies
  • Knowing that the seller is serious and committed to the transaction

If you're buying a home, you're probably working with a Realtor. An experienced Realtor will probably suggest or automatically require a WDIR in your purchase agreement. This means that in order for you to move forward with purchasing the home you're making an offer on, you're requiring that the sellers provide a WDIR to you. This WDIR provides peace of mind to you that the home does not have any wood-destroying insects present (such as termites, certain beetles, and certain types of ants). This can be helpful to you as a buyer since you'll have the comfort of knowing that the home doesn't appear to have any active wood-destroying colonies.

WDIR for Sellers

Benefits of a WDIR for Sellers:

  • Show potential buyers that your home is in good shape and has been maintained
  • Make sure the transaction closes, as most mortgage companies now require a WDIR

As a seller, you'll probably receive some purchase agreements that are contingent on you providing a WDIR prior to closing. Not only do your potential buyers want reassurance that the home they're buying is in good shape, but their mortgage company will likely require it. You can order your WDIR inspection upon your Realtor's suggestion, which is typically around the time that an offer has been accepted and there is an anticipated closing date.

What does the WDIR not convey?

While the WDIR is a great way to be assured that a home is in good condition and may not have any wood-destroying insects present, it's important to understand that a WDIR inspection is strictly visual. A WDIR does not mean that a property doesn't have existing damage or that there aren't non-visible insects present. So, if you're concerned about the condition of a home or believe that a home may require a more substantial inspection for structural issues, you'll want to check into having a property inspection performed by a qualified home inspector.

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