Termite Control

Termite Threats Living in the south, termites are a very serious structural pest. They cause homeowners billions of dollars in damage each year. To gain access to a structure, termites usually build mud-like tunnels up the exterior foundation or enter through a bath trap, the area beneath a bath tub where the drain goes through the concrete foundation. To prevent termite infestations, we apply a termite-proof barrier under and around your structure. This barrier will repel any termites in the ground around your home.

Here at Bayou Cajun Pest Control, we have made it our business to protect and guarantee your home will remain since 1973. Our family owned business installs confidence in you as a homeowner that your home will remain termite free with our services.

Termite Treatments


Bayou Cajun utilizes the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology. This superior baiting system only requires annual monitoring once installed, and the stations are already baited with a “colony elimination” termite bait.
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Bayou Cajun will apply a continuous barrier around the foundation of the structure with a colony elimination termiticide. To prepare for treatment, Bayou may need to trench or drill around the exterior of the structure.
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If you are building a new home or structure, Arrow will treat the property for termites during the construction phase. If this treatment is done, your home will have an unbeatable Bayou Cajun Damage Protection Policy.
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A Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) is a must when buying, selling or refinancing a home in the South Louisiana!
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Termite Control & Prevention

Homeowners in the Baton Rouge area are becoming more proactive by using termite control and prevention services. It takes only the slightest gap in concrete, wood, metal, or mortar for a termite to enter your home. And because they are out-of-sight, it may take years for you to realize they are even there. Termite damage is not outwardly obvious like damage from a storm or a fire would be. By the time you do notice, significant damage has probably already been done. When termites have years of access to your home, the financial toll can be even worse than that of a fire or storm, but homeowner’s insurance rarely covers this damage. Bayou Cajun Pest's termite services methods focus on prevention and extermination. With our termite control services, you can take comfort in knowing that your home is protected from these invasive pests. Whether you are looking for extermination services, new construction treatments, termite inspections for buying or selling property, or yearly preventative maintenance services, we've got you covered.

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Learn more about termites, when termites are the biggest threat to your home, how to prevent termites, and what to do if you've already noticed a termite problem or termite damage.

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