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Blog Post | Jun 11th, 2017

Pest Control and Rain

ran pouring on a window sill

In Southeast Louisiana, we've had more rain lately than we've had in a long time. Even this week, we're forecasted to receive more rain, and the flood watches continue to stay in effect. Though we should be okay and we shouldn't experience any major problems from our rainy couple of weeks, there are other effects from this rain. We're already starting to notice an increase in the number of pest issues clients are experiencing as a result of having wet yards, higher grass, and puddles which haven't dried out in days.

Ants and Rain

When rain makes your yard too wet for ants to stay in their colonies, they'll move to higher ground. Most often, ants will move to dry places such as your patio, porch, garage, home, or cars. Since these ants aren't necessarily being drawn in by food or other things you can clean up or remove, it's a little tricky to get rid of ants who are simply moving to a dry place. If you notice that these ants don't leave in a couple of days once your yard starts to dry out, then you'll certainly want to contact a pest control company so they can make sure your ant problem doesn't become too severe.

Roaches and Rain

Unfortunately, roaches will also seek out dry places to stay if their outside nests are flooded. If roaches begin to use your home as a shelter following a lot of rain, they may find that your home is a much more suitable place to stay long term. With plenty of dry, dark spaces to live in and other bugs or food crumbs to eat, roaches can quickly become a bigger problem. This doesn't always happen, so don't panic if you notice one or two roaches during rainy weather. Often, these stray roaches won't stay around for long if they weren't initially in your home. If you do notice that roaches seem to be hanging around (especially if you notice smaller roaches, indicating that they are reproducing), a qualified pest control company can treat your home.

Rodents and Rain

Rodents can be a problem following large amounts of rain. Since mice and rats often live in drains, ditches, and woods, they'll head to higher ground if their nests become flooded. With homes having dark, quiet attics and walls, it's possible that rodents will be attracted to your home. We've also seen clients experience problems with rodents hiding in cars. If you notice a rodent problem in your home following rain, such as droppings, hearing noises, noticing holes in food packaging, or actually seeing mice or rats, it's best to take care of the problem before it gets worse.

Termites and Rain

Termites enjoy damp, dark areas near wood materials. If your home collects water around the foundation, in flower beds, or near any other areas in your yard, it's possible that termites will set up a new colony. The best thing you can do if areas collect water is to attempt to improve drainage and remove any items which could create a shelter for termites (and other pests). Remove loose wood, empty buckets/planters, and make sure you check any remaining items for signs of termite activity.

Mosquitos and Rain

Rain, itself, doesn't cause a mosquito problem. The problem with mosquitos usually comes in with standing water after a rain storm. The best thing you can do to prevent a mosquito problem after rain is to take care of any standing water. If you have empty buckets or containers outside, make sure to drain the water from them. If there are puddles or areas of your yard where rain water doesn't drain quickly, consider filling them with dirt or finding a way to drain them. Mosquitos will use standing water to lay eggs, meaning standing water is literally a breeding ground for mosquitos. Don't give mosquitos the chance to breed in your yard!

Call a Pest Control Specialist

If pests become a problem after rainy weather, it can sometimes be difficult getting them to leave. We can help you! Contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control for your termite and pest control needs.