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Blog Post | Jan 10th, 2019

Spider Egg Sacs in Your Home?

If you live in an area that is home to spiders, you may notice spider egg sacs in corners or under your furniture. It's important to remove the spider egg sacs because otherwise, they can lead to a spider infestation in your home. The sacs take only a few weeks to hatch, and they can contain as many as 300 eggs each. Here are some tips and tricks for removing spider egg sacs from your home.

Vacuum Frequently
Since spider eggs are very fragile, you can easily remove them with a vacuum. Make sure you vacuum your entire home or apartment frequently to prevent spider eggs from building up. After you vacuum your space, make sure you dispose of the vacuum's contents outdoors in a sealed container to prevent the spiders from coming inside.

Glue Traps
If you don't have kids or pets at home, you can also use glue traps to remove the spider egg sacs from your home. These traps can be found at your local hardware or home goods store, and are designed for homes with strong spider infestations. Be sure to follow the instructions when using these traps to make sure they work properly.

Reduce Outdoor Clutter
Spiders often make their way into your home through outdoor clutter that's located near your walls, like compost or woodpiles. Keep these items on the opposite end of your yard from your house to prevent spiders from getting in. You should also make sure items like gardening gloves, shovels, and other outdoor items are completely spider-free before bringing them inside. You may even want to sweep out your garage frequently if you have a consistent problem with spider eggs.

Generally keeping your home clean and organized is the best way to prevent spider infestation. You should sweep and vacuum your space regularly, and remove spider eggs with a vacuum when you see them. If you are consistently having issues with spiders in your home, you may also want to contact a pest control company. They can assess the problem and develop a professional plan for removing the spiders.