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Blog Post | Apr 6th, 2017

Spiders in New Construction Homes

Do you have spiders in your new construction home?

Are you building a new house and have a spider problem? Spiders in your new construction home are not uncommon and can be taken care of by local pest control professionals. Bayou Cajun Pest Control can help you get rid of the spiders in your new house.

The Louisiana Climate= Perfect for Spiders

Louisiana homeowners know that spiders are often part of the deal. Our climate supports a variety of different spider species, and it can be hard to avoid the occasional spider in your home. However, it isn't normal to feel like your home is constantly being visited by spiders (especially if you start noticing the same few spiders very often). One of the things we're hearing more and more often about spider problems is related to new construction homes.

Spiders in Your Home can be Dangerous

With time, you may see a decrease in the number of spiders in your new home. However, some spiders may reproduce and increase the spider population inside your home. Also, not every spider is a harmless common house spider. In Louisiana, there are a variety of more dangerous spiders, including black widows. Black widows, brown widows, and other widow spiders can cause serious problems if they bite a human, so don't take your chances and allow them to continue roaming around your home.

New Construction Homes & Spiders

It can be really frustrating to move into a new home, only to start experiencing spider problems shortly after your big move. It seems as though you wouldn't really have to deal with any pest issues since your home is new and hasn't had much time to become infested by anything! This simply isn't the case. In fact, spiders are a very common problem in newly built homes. There are a few things to consider when battling a spider problem in a new home.

Spiders love other pests: It may be alarming to find spiders in your brand new home, but it's likely that those spiders have helped to keep other pests away. Spiders tend to deter and eat other pests, such as ants, roaches, flies, moths, and other small pets. So, before you moved in, spiders were busy keeping these other unwanted guests away.

New homes are often built in areas that were just recently wooded and cleared: If you built your home recently, then your construction project just recently disturbed the dirt, brush, grass, and trees in which many pests were living. One of the most common pests to be disturbed by new construction is spiders. Whether you built-in a neighborhood or in a more wooded, remote location, there will be a period of time during which spiders may be relocating. Some of them may wander into your home, but over time, this should settle down some. However, keep in mind: disturbing lots near your lot may stir some more spiders up, meaning they may wander over to your home. This is normal.

Get rid of your spiders NOW!

The best way to manage a spider infestation in a new home is to contact a qualified pest control professional. At Bayou Cajun Pest Control, we're experienced in treating spider problems. We know the spiders you're dealing with, so we know how best to remove them and keep them from coming back.

Contact Bayou Cajun Pest Control today, and we'll help you get rid of your spider problem!