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Yard Maintenance & Pest Control

Don't forget about your yard when it's time to tackle spring cleaning chores! As the warmer weather arrives, area families are going to be spending more time outdoors, and it's important to make sure that your lawn is ready. Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your yard stays pest-free this spring and into the summer and fall.

Tips for Keeping Your Yard Pest-Free

  • Debris that has collected will need to be removed during your annual spring clean. Rake up any old leaves and clear out branches and twigs. Decomposing plant life is an ideal breeding ground for unwanted pests.
  • Yard maintenance includes proper water management. Any water that collects in your yard creating puddles or swampy areas serves as a welcome mat to pests! If necessary, call in professionals to help keep your lawn properly drained.
  • Keep your lawn neat and tidy. Pests like ticks and other parasites love a shaggy lawn! If you keep your yard mowed and trimmed you are decreasing the chance of bugs and pests making it their home.
  • Call in the professionals. If you are doing everything right and are still being hounded by pests, it's time to give the pros a call. There are some problems that can't be fixed with proper yard maintenance alone.

If you are having difficulty keeping pests out of your yard, we are here to help! Give the Bayou Cajun team a call and we'll come to help you with both outdoor and indoor pest control.