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How to Control Roaches in Zachary

Bayou Cajun Pest Control is proud to help those suffering from cockroach infestations around Zachary, LA, in removing these stubborn insects that lower quality of life. Although you might not consider an errant roach skittering about here and there to be a big deal, finding a wandering cockroach during the daytime is already a sign that you could have a severe infestation. Cockroaches spread disease via the bacteria that they leave behind in their feces. This also serves as an attractant for other roaches in the area, leading to a cockroach swarm if left unchecked.

Eliminate Stubborn Roach Infestation in Zachary

Cockroaches have been around long since before the dawn of humanity; scientists believe that roaches are over 320 million years old. This has allowed them to develop adaptation strategies that make them expert hiders and evolutionary traits that cause them to present with a diverse array of body shapes and appearances. Some of the biggest roaches are over 2 inches long, and some even have wings that can cause quite the startle as they fly at you from a distance. 

What makes cockroaches sometimes so challenging to prevent is the fact that they can enter your home through several different vectors. They can slip through cracks, pop through drains, slide through vents, and easily hide in boxes and bags. The average American's home makes for a cozy environment for roaches to reside in since it offers plenty of water, food, and an appropriate temperature for reproducing the next generation. A single female cockroach can lay up to 40 eggs, and these will take between 3 to 4 months to hatch. If you are looking for roach control services in the Zachary area, our team of expert exterminators is prepared to help you reclaim your home. 

Steps for Keeping Roaches Out of Your Home

Bayou Cajun Pest Control has put together a list of best practices so that you can minimize your risk of a cockroach infestation:

1. Make sure that all of your dink and food containers are sealed. 

2. Use garbage cans with secure lids and empty them frequently. 

3. Clean up food scraps from counters and wash dirty dishes punctually. 

4. Vacuum and sweep your floors frequently. 

5. Fix dripping faucets.


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