Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge

Everyone knows how unpleasant it is to be bitten by a mosquito. The accompanying irritation is due, not only to the bite, but also to a reaction of the skin to the mosquito’s saliva. Why this may be painful and annoying, its nothing compared to the more serious consequence of a mosquito bite: the possible transmission of malaria, West Nile virus, or other serious diseases. This threat is present not only for humans, but also for various house pets.

While there are nearly 200 different species of mosquitoes present in the United States, almost all of them prefer to lay their eggs in standing water. Preferences differ from species to species, with some choosing ponds, streams, or lakes. But nearly universally, mosquitoes love to lay eggs in ditches, puddles, and collections of water in your yard. This includes pots, buckets, yard tools, children’s toys, tarps, etc.

Much of mosquito control and prevention can be as simple as ridding the area surrounding your home of standing water and containers that can hold it. This one task can make a huge difference in your mosquito season experience.

For those factors out of your control, such as the proximity of your home to swamps, marshes or other bodies of water, we can assist with a number of tried and true techniques. Contact us today to get your free site analysis.

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