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Roach Control in Denham Springs

How to Control Roaches in Denham Springs

It’s not very hard to have a small colony of cockroaches attempt to establish themselves in your home, especially if you might bring a few with you unwittingly. Though they’ve been with humans since we’ve been living in houses, there are a few ways to prevent them from being your next uninvited guests:

1) Control Roaches by Keeping the House Clean

Roaches have a wide selection of food options that humans might not have considered. Dirty, grimey areas with lots of garbage and crumbs are perfect beacons for cockroaches. Roach control in Denham Springs starts with making sure your home is clean and tidy. 

Wash dishes so that there is no dried food to attract roaches. Don’t let spills linger and dry, especially liquids with sugars in them. Take out smelly garbage and sweep the floors for crumbs. Mop walkways that track in mud and keep food tightly sealed in containers that don’t give off a smell.

2) Use Roach-Killing Traps 

Your local HomeGoods store will have a wide selection of roach traps. Some will be able to attract them, others will behave passively for the insects to walk on. The best traps will be able to be used inside and outside of the home as needed. However, using traps for roach control in Denham Springs won’t be a substitute for hiring a professional team.

3) Use Barriers to Deter a Roach Invasion

Liquid concentrates are available to be used in and around the home to deter roach invasions. These are able to be poured out, and once they dry, they behave as a passive deterrent. However, there are lots of considerations: weaker barriers can be safer, while stronger ones may pose a risk to young children and pets. Contacting a roach removal specialist in Denham Springs will be the best way to remove roaches from your home safely and for good!

4) Boric Acid 

If you don’t have any pets in the home, then boric acid is a possible DIY approach to roach control. You can use it by mixing equal amounts of flour, sugar, and boric acid to make what looks like a dough. Roaches love it; they’ll devour the flour and sugar together with the acid, which will kill them from the inside. Good places to put the dough balls are under stoves, in cabinets, behind fridges and freezers, and in drawers. Again though, do not use this method if you have pets around! 


Roaches in Denham Springs

Roach Control Denham Springs

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Frankly, roaches are some of the most persistent creatures on the planet. Even if you are dedicated to following the best roach prevention tips, you might still have roaches where they don’t belong. In these cases, it’s important to contact the number-one pest control company in the state: Bayou Cajun! Reach out to us today and discover why we’re the top choice for roach extermination in Denham Springs

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