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Spider Control in Denham Springs

Spiders are eight-legged, creepy-crawly pests that give many people shivers when they watch them slowly make their way across a nearby wall. Although spiders play an important part in controlling pests across various ecosystems, they can quickly breed and grow in number inside households to the point where they become overwhelming if not put in check. 

A bite from a spider can be incredibly painful, and it tends to swell up larger than that of a mosquito. Individuals with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and children are the groups most likely to be most impacted by a spider bite. That's why professional spider control in Denham Springs is so important: it gives you peace of mind while keeping you and the ones you love safe.

Denham Springs Spider Control

How to Handle Spider Infestations

How to Identify a Spider Infestation in Denham Springs

If you see cobwebs suddenly starting to appear around the corners of your home or in between crevices that typically go undusted, then a spider has already taken up residence. Still, it's not uncommon to have one or two spiders make their way inside a home eventually. However, if you start seeing little baby spiders crawling around on various strings of silk or starting to come down from the ceiling, then this means that a mommy spider has successfully hatched some eggs. If you start having painful welts appearing on your lower body after you wake up or during the night, or experience a brief stabbing pain followed by a raised and itchy lump while sitting on your favorite furniture, then odds are the ever-growing spider family has started to experiment with you as their next snack!

Treat Your Spider Infestation in Denham Springs Quickly

The behavior and temperament of a spider will vary between species, but nobody likes to see them slowly taking over their home, no matter how "peaceful" they may seem. Even the most gentle of spiders in your home can actually turn out to be prey for larger or more poisonous varieties; your home could already be a perfect feeding ground for them to sink their fangs into. That's why beyond the physical risks posed by allergic reactions and painful bites, you'll risk your Denham Springs spider infestation becoming much worse if left unaddressed. A single female spider can give birth to hundreds of spiders from her egg sacs, and the little babies will eventually hitch a ride to make their own webs in other areas of your house.

Common Spiders

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse regularly rests in clothing, the folds of blankets, or boxes. Be careful when moving any of these items inside that have been outside for some time.

Common Spiders

Black Widow Spider

Black widows are easily recognized by their markings and the black and red coloring of their bodies. They often spend time in piles of wood and other cracks and crevices.


Top-Rated Spider Control in Denham Springs

Spider Control in Denham Springs

Calling a professional spider exterminator will ensure that even the worst infestation of spiders and their spiderwebs in your home become a thing of the past. Bayou Cajun Pest Control conducts thorough home inspections and puts together effective action plans that are unique to each client to protect them and those they love from any spider infestation. Give us a call or email us today for a consultation and to get those eight-legged crawlers under control!

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